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The Bosch IBooster

At Retrofit Solutions we are passionate about seamlessly adapting modern technology to classic

cars. Driveline swaps and suspension upgrades are now easier than ever but for braking we

still largely rely on 60 year old technology, the vacuum booster. If you think about it, there’s

more modern technology in that inline 6 you took out to install an LS than there is in the vacuum

booster that is still bolted to your firewall. Make no mistake, vacuum assist does work well but it

is rooted in 1940’s technology and modern manufacturers have largely abandoned the concept

in favor of electric assist. Enter the Bosch iBooster.

The Bosch iBooster is a vacuum-independent, electromechanical brake booster utilized by

many manufacturers as part of modern braking systems. The control principle behind the

iBooster is similar to that of vacuum brake boosters: in vacuum brake boosters, a valve controls

the air supply to provide a boost to the force applied from the driver‘s foot. With the iBooster, the

actuation of the brake pedal is detected via an integrated differential travel sensor and this

information is sent to the control unit. The control unit determines the control signals for the

electric motor, while a three-stage gear unit converts the torque of the motor into the necessary

boost power. Like a vacuum booster, the power supplied by the iBooster is converted into

hydraulic pressure in a standard master cylinder, but the similarities end there. Integrating a

travel sensor and ecu into the mix dramatically enhances braking functionality and pedal

feedback, even on vehicles equipped with rear drum brakes.

At Retrofit Solutions we have developed turn key, vehicle specific kits that allow you to easily

install either a Gen1 or Gen 2 Bosch iBooster on your classic ride. We supply everything you

need to complete the install from the pedal yoke to the proportioning valve including all wiring,

brackets and hardware. Just let us know what style Wilwood master cylinder you prefer (Gen 2

installs) and what finish you want on the iBooster. The only fabrication required is cutting the

pushrod to length and plumbing your brake lines.

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